I thought I would share with you my daily facial routine as part of the health and wellbeing section of the blog. I have recently been in the process of updating my make up and beauty regime with new products so I kinda wanted to share with you what I do on a daily basis, what I have tried and what been a hit or miss. I also think its very important as a bride to be to have a skin care routine in place at least 3 months before your big day. By doing this you are ensuring you will look amazing and glowing but above all feel great.

First its time to cleanse and tone;
The cleanser I use as part of my daily facial routine was decided upon after lots of testing of products that just didn’t suit my skin. My skin is dry to sensitive with red pigments on my cheeks, near my nose in the creases and around the chin area. Occasionally I break out on my forehead, roughly once a month for obvious reasons. My go to cleanser that actually works is from Temple Spa and it is their “Dual Act Wet and Dry” cleansing lotion. Retailing at £21.00 its great for combination skin that needs balancing. This is a perfect fit for my skin and I just wipe any excess off with a warm wet muslin cloth or face towel, this makes my skin feel clean and refreshed.

I have started to use the Real Techniques miracle cleansing sponge (retails for £5.95) which I purchased from Amazon. I have just tried this tonight and I absolutely love it. It exfoliates very lightly your skin whist you cleanse and afterwards your skin feels super soft. You literally put the cleanser on the slightly damp sponge and rub in all over your skin. I am going to use this sponge morning and evening for the first week and see how this goes. If its too abrasive I will just use nightly. To be fair my skin felt really soft after the first use. Check out the video below on how to use the sponge from the Real Techniques ladies ( I am obsessed with their You Tube channel btw!)

The toner I use is also by Temple Spa for a 150ml bottle of the “Toning Essence” retailing at £16.00. It’s anti inflammatory, anti itch, calming, soothing and again is perfect for sensitive skin. It smells of citrus and is really refreshing on the skin.

Face Mask.- use once a week or even twice weekly.
This is my first time at using an actual face mask. I have bought 3 (to be reviewed in a separate blog) this one was £2.33 on offer at boots usually £3.50 and the brand Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Hydrogel 30ml mask.

Here are my plus points;

  • Skin felt soft after use.
  • Great budget buy.
  • Good for sensitive skin.


  • Instructions are rubbish when you get it out the packet you don’t know what side of the mask goes on your face.
  • It’s very drippy. When you open the packet the serum is literally pouring out.
  • It does tingle a bit so I only left it on the minimum amount of time, approx 15 mins, as I didn’t want a bad reaction even though it is for sensitive skin.
  • When you take the mask off there is not much left to rub and massage into your face let alone your neck as advised.

Would I use this brand again ? Yes because I bought two at that price! However going forward will probably try a different brand and pay a little extra.


Lastly I moisturise and have recently converted to Embryolisse Lait- Creme Concentrate 75ml £19.98 from Amazon. Now I was given this cream to review and it is now my go to moisturiser. It can be used as a face mask as well and it has really calmed and settled my skin. The redness on my cheeks has noticeably calmed down I am really shocked at the difference, in a good way. You only use a little as it goes a long long way so I know this will last me ages. I love how my skin feels silky soft after use and looks, in my opinion, fresh.

The whole routine without the face mask takes me approx 5 minutes in the morning and evening. I hope this gives you an idea just how easy a skin care routine is. I have lots of days where I wear no make up to let my skin breathe, I have done this the older I have got. I will be sharing my everyday natural make up routine in a separate blog with the new products I have chosen. I am also going to be sharing my foundation dramas, but again that is for another time.

I do not use eye creams as I am not too sure about them. I have read mixed reviews and have always thought if you have dark rings under your eyes, it’s probably genetics and you will more than likely always have them. In my case a good concealer is what I use to hide them and I use MAC. I am, however, open to using an eye cream should I find the right one for me.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog. All opinions and products discussed that I have used are my own. Please note I was not paid to use any of these items – hence why they are half empty! Lol