When it comes to taking the sacred vows, walking down the aisle on your big day can amount to over £27k  – and those costs are growing and growing. It may be the happiest day of your life, but that doesn’t mean it has to be the most expensive. Do not fret, however; it is still possible to plan the unique and memorable day you always dreamed of, without consuming your life savings! Roll your sleeves up, get your thinking caps on and consult our expert advice on how to plan the day of your life, whilst cutting some costs along the way.


Barter, bargain and buy online

Gone are the days when brides-to-be turn to specialist wedding suppliers for dresses, shoes and suits. As high-street big-hitters like Whistles and Debenhams continue to enter the bridalwear market, it has become increasingly common for dress-shoppers to consult big brands for their wedding dresses. For those on a particularly tight budget, this is a must – sites such as Missguided offer bridal gowns starting at only £100, whilst ASOS proves to be increasingly popular with its reasonably priced pieces and accompanying accessories.

Of course, brides can sell their previously-loved dresses online, if they can part with them, of course! Sites such as Bride2Bride offer excellent marketplaces for trading wedding gowns, whilst StillWhite offers the tempting deal of pawning your dress without the sneaky commission fee. You only wear it once, after all – why not share the love?


Get your hands dirty and do some Wedding DIY 

Bouquets, confetti, invitations, stationary… the list goes on. But why let others have all the fun? When it comes to wedding essentials, couples can cut costs with a bit of wedding DIY. Invite a few arty friends over to design invitations, or find a tech-savvy friend to design one for you on a computer. When it comes to feeding your guests, think about what you can do yourself. Allow plenty of time in advance to prepare evening food and refreshments, and show your guests your culinary skills. Ask closer guests such as friends and family to bring along one item each, and create the buffet that will cater to everyone. Think cold meats, salads, cheese selections and sweet desserts!  Wedding DIY goes a lot further than stationary and food, however. Invest in some ribbons, vases and locally-sourced flowers and you could save over £2000.


When it comes to your wedding, honesty pays!

Watching celebrities and royals tie the knot can put pressure on a bride to break the bank on her wedding day. However, for most of us, a little bit of honesty can stretch the funds a long way. Be totally honest with yourself and your partner about your wedding budget, and plan accordingly. Ditching the chapel for an alternative venue can lessen the bill, and when it comes to beautiful and elegant venues, there’s a lot of choice out there. When laying down those plans, ask yourself: do you really need it?  That wedding car may not be as essential as once thought – and do you really need the ensemble of singing waiters?

Budget honesty is a big one when it comes to cutting costs, and essentially narrows down to being able to say no to those sometimes needless extras. Ask yourself – do you really need everything you saw on Instagram?


Catering, corkage and cutting the costs

Wedding guests will always talk about one thing on your wedding day: the food. Cost-wise, catering and corkage takes a big slice of the cake. There are many ways to cut the price of the wedding menu, without culling your guestlist. Consider simplifying your menu, offering canapes instead of starters, and wedding cake as dessert.

A free and open bar can be immensely costly – by offering signature drinks, planners can save whilst offering their guests a more personalised beverage. When it comes to table service, ask yourself: is it necessary? Putting on a buffet can greatly cut costs, whilst bringing people together. Above all, be creative: double food up as part of the evening’s entertainment, and create a memorable evening without the financial pitfall.


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