The words chic and copper go hand in hand, and copper is about to become one of the most coveted wedding-detail hues. The reign of silver and gold has gone on long enough, and the rise of rose gold and copper is inevitable. One of the biggest selling points of this hue is that it can mesh with a fantastic venue, envisioned décor and even wedding theme. For instance, matte or aged copper can make any rustic wedding pop while classy and elegant affairs call for a touch of bling in the form of polished copper.

This hue is somehow ostentatious and subdued at the same time, and if you choose your details smartly, it can be the glue that holds your entire wedding’s color palette together like a perfect bow. The key is to implement the hue in a subtle manner so it’s visible but doesn’t steal focus and we’re here to show you exactly how to play those copper cards right.

The little things that matter

Most couples pay great attention and are quite picky when it comes to the wedding china and since minimalism – meaning white plates – is always the best option as it allows you plenty of room to play in the table décor department, why not opt for gorgeous and utterly elegant utensils in polished copper? Believe it or not, people pay attention to the décor, especially the parts that are right in front of them and this touch of elegance will be highly appreciated.

However, for the copper not to look alone and out of place, make sure a few extra details contain the hue as well. For instance, a copper napkin ring would make everything look tied together and cohesive, and if you add a few tiny copper candle holders into the mix, you will have the absolute perfect table that has exactly the right amount of chic flair.

Now, if you want to go beyond subtle and truly make a statement, nothing will bling the table up like sleek and shiny short copper vases filled with white and green flowers, and the final copper touch can be in the form of elegant place cards with chic metallic calligraphy. These are all small things that won’t ‘drench’ the tables in copper, but will make for a subtle and chic statement.

The most important person

While the groom is incredibly important as he is the second half of the couple, some things never change and the bride is still the most anticipated and looked at person of the day. Needless to say, she needs and wants to look spectacular and little copper details can definitely bring her there. There is a misconception that only women with auburn and red hair can pull off copper jewelry, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. As we have discovered the previous season, during which every major makeup brand released their rendition of the copper and orange eyeshadow palette, these hues magically look stunning on a number of different women. Therefore, if your dress is white, your look may benefit from a little coppery warmth on the eyes.

If, on the other hand, you opt for a gown in an almost ethereal blush, something along the lines of the breathtaking Oleg Cassini wedding dresses, this absolutely calls for subtle copper jewelry. Tiny round copper earrings and just the right hairstyle will make a bride look almost regal, and so will a delicate copper necklace, if the neckline allows for one. Of course, if this isn’t enough and you want to make an even bigger statement, a pair of stunning sandals in the same hue would definitely help you achieve that.

Color coordination is a sign of synchronicity

The general rule of thumb, one that has become increasingly popular among couples is color-coordination. In a way, it shows a visual representation of love and synchronicity. Therefore, if the bride is wearing copper details, the groom ought to follow suit. Depending on the color of his actual suit, he can ‘mesh’ with his bride by opting for a pair of copper brown leather shoes, which go incredibly well with both navy, gray and beige suits.

There is, of course, always the boutonniere or a classic copper brown watch. It’s fairly easy for the groom to get on the same color page as his bride, and if he opts for all three ways, they will be the picture-perfect-looking couple.

Love, love, love

The moment when the happy couple exchanges rings is the ultimate tear-jerker to which no one is immune. So, why not have your rings taken out from a geometrical and minimalistic ring box made out of glass and framed by copper? Not only will this detail make for one of the most special photos you will definitely frame, but you can keep the box as a wedding memento and make it an integral part of your emotion-filled home décor.

Finally, if you want copper to be one of the dominant colors and let everyone know what type of wedding they’ll be attending, you can always give them a little sneak preview with the copper embellished wedding invitations, but this is a matter of preference. You can go big and implement all of these ideas, or use the hue in a very subtle manner and to a small extent. Either way, a touch of it will make everything come to life, and no matter how much of it you use, if you do it smartly, it will always turn out super-chic.