Bubblegum Balloons say “Because FRIENDSHIP IS EVERYTHING!”

Ditch tradition and celebrate your squad by sending a gift to remember amongst us gals!

Hosting a Single-Not-Ready-To-Mingle party or showering your partner with love this Galentine’s / Valentine’s day?

Then add in some of Bubblegum Balloons gorgeous red partywear!

One Dozen Inflated Rose Gold Balloons in a box £45.00 are 2018’s answer to red roses, while the ‘Fries Before Guys’ and Sisters before Misters’ Confetti-filled Bubble Balloons £35.40 each – ring girl power all the way for marking the occasion.

So what about after valentines, planning a girls night in?

Go all out with squad goals party décor, get the hens together mix it with some confetti, mini balloons, DIY garlands and more – because if its not Instagrammble is it even real?

You can view the full range over Bubblegum Balloons