I am a little bit of a surfer on social media and I like to see who, and what is new in 2015. So I was looking at my newly engaged friend Rose on facebook and loved her beautifully designed engagement ring. I searched a little bit deeper, as you do, and came across the designer on instagram @Bowden Jewellery.

OMG, I just fell in love with her work. I had to send a message to her almost immediately to contact me so I could share her work with you, our Brides…..


Jenny Bowden-0


In Jenny’s own words:

“I’m Jenny Bowden, a jewellery designer and maker from Manchester. After I outgrew making jewellery in my bedroom at home, I moved to London to study Jewellery Manufacture at Holts Academy in 2012. After two years of studying, I went on to do a short internship whilst taking commissions myself. One of my favourite commissions was a gold and silver ring with a huge garnet, it was a really great brief and so much fun to make. Initially I started out making more commercial jewellery, with a focus on semi precious stones-they are my downfall! But have recently started moving towards wedding jewellery after being commissioned to make an engagement ring, wedding rings and cufflinks. It’s exciting to make something that someone will wear forever!”

So I guess you want to look at some of Jenny’s work…. course you do, let’s take a look….

The wedding commision:

The couple got engaged in Paris. These cute love locks showcase the ring off beautifully. The cufflinks show how easy it is to incorporate the groom. It’s not only about the bride !!!


I especially like these wedding rings and earrings as they are simple yet very striking.


The images below are my kind of rings, one off pieces totally unique. These would be perfect as a bridesmaid gift.

collage 8

It’s all in the detail… #bespoke

collage 7

The Commissions.

As you can see she has a real passion and eye for design, its hard to choose a favourite.

I’m feeling the need to get something made!!!!!! “Call for the husband…..”

collage 9

The tools,the process…. and a mug of Starbucks ( I see you there peeking!!).

collage 5

Find Jenny on Instagram and Facebook.

Email bowdenjewellery@gmail.com  if you would like further information on any bespoke commissions.

I think you’ll agree Jenny is definitely one to watch…..