With so many spectacular destinations, hotel options, and countless lists of activities, planning your honeymoon might not be as easy as you were hoping it might be. Though the list of exotic beaches and all-inclusive resorts is endless, many choose to ditch traditional ideas for an unexpected way to spend their honeymoon!

Are you one of these adventurous newlyweds but can’t seem to find the perfect escape? Say no more, we’ve got you covered! Just pour yourself a glass of wine, and read on.

Explore the Mystic Land of Vampires: Transylvania

Whether you are a passionate reader who’s devoured Bram Stocker’s famous novel, a Halloween enthusiast or a culture and history aficionado, you will love Transylvania. Dracula might be just a fictional character inspired by Vlad the Impaler, a murderous moniker, but this mysterious Romanian region is real, and it is spectacular. And Bran Castle, Dracula’s famous citadel, is not the only attraction here. For instance, Sighisoara and the mesmerizing village of Viscri are two UNESCO World Heritage sites also worth visiting.

To complete your experience, adventure into trying Romania’s most intriguing delicacies. The nearby city of Brasov is not only charming but also filled with great restaurants where you can try traditional dishes that will make your taste buds go wild. And if you want to feel like a real Transylvanian, start your meal with a shot of palincă, a strong brandy made from plums. This will give you courage to indulge in some of the weirdest dishes in the area. Some travelers even try the raw pork rind Romanian people love so much!

Adventure into an Intense, Life Changing Experience: El Camino de Santiago

If following the steps of count Dracula sounds too dark for you, Spain has something that might be more suitable. Though many choose this beautiful country for its sandy beaches, since you are interested in an unexpected way to spend your honeymoon, how about walking your first Camino with the love of your life?

El Camino de Santiago de Compostela is a memorable journey of about 500 miles leading to Santiago de Compostela, in the northwest of Spain. The routes to Santiago used to be walked as a pilgrimage, but now people walk or cycle for different, very personal reasons. Wondering why you should do it? Declared a World Heritage by UNESCO and the First European Cultural Itinerary, El Camino is not only filled with scenic landscapes and unexpected situations nobody can experience at home, it can also give you the chance to get even closer to each other. There is an interesting saying on the trail that makes the perfect motto for adventurous newlyweds “We’re all just walking each other home”.

Fiesta like There’s No Mañana: The Colorful Tenerife Carnival

Since we are talking about Spain, let me tell you that there is another special way to spend your honeymoon in this beautiful country. If you love huge parties, and you’ve always dreamed of getting lost in the middle of a carnival but have safety concerns about Rio, Tenerife is your answer.

The Carnival in Tenerife is the second in the world after, you guessed it, the one in Brazil. It has even won a Guinness Record for the number of people dancing under the stars. Yes, in 1987 over 250,000 shook their bodies under the moonlight! What to expect, besides a huge crowd ready to have fun? Two weeks of parties, thousands of people wearing crazy costumes, and, since we are talking about a Spanish island, friendliness, mouthwatering food, as well as tasty drinks. And, when you want some quiet time, you can relax on a volcanic beach, hike the rocky mountains or surf the big waves. Tenerife Carnival is a great choice for those of you who want to add a bit of traditional romance to an extravagant honeymoon.  

Go Hunting for Peculiar Dishes in a Foodies’ Paradise: Bangkok

Europe is incredible, but if you are looking for a more exotic destination, where you can indulge in a diversity of culinary experiences, choose Thailand. Some are crazy for its serene beaches and romantic resorts, but if adventure runs through your veins, forget about Phi Phi Island and Phuket, and book a flight to bustling Bangkok.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to eat bugs and worms because Bangkok’s culinary scene offers much more! But why Thailand’s capital? Because it is one of those places where you can enjoy dining in fancy restaurants with breathtaking views one day, have an incredible street food experience the next, and visit fascinating temples in between. This is why the city is always packed with thousands of travelers with curious taste buds.


As you can see, the world offers you some very unusual ways to spend your honeymoon. All you need is the courage to leave the traditional romantic vacation behind, and get ready for a memorable, unexpected adventure!

Written by Rebecca Brown