When the most special day in your life starts approaching, it’s normal to feel it would be great if you’d lost some weight. But don’t worry – you still have time to get more fit even if you have little time for that while you’re trying to organize the ceremony and the reception. Here’s how to do it.


1. Avoid empty calories

You can notice a positive change even in a week if you avoid coffee drinks, alcohol, sodas and other beverages high in calories. Milk, yogurt and cheese are also quite fattening, so better stick to water and tea.


2. Cut on the amount

This refers to all types of food, especially if you taste the meals for the reception menu. When it all sums up, there are a big number of hidden calories there. So, one spoon of soup should be enough for tasting. One or two bites of a cake are also enough for you to decide which one’s better. Track how much you eat during the day – you’ll notice how you inadvertently eat smaller portions.


3. Exercise intensively

If you already workout regularly, try to boost it. You can add one more day to the workout or you can work out more intensively or longer. Circuit training or HIIT is very effective and don’t take too much of your time. Just be careful if you decide to increase intensity – you could injure yourself just a few days before the wedding, so pay attention to signs such as fatigue or excessive soreness in your muscles.

4. Get enough sleep

You are probably overwhelmed with things you need to do before the ceremony, but it doesn’t mean you should lose on your sleep. If you don’t get enough sleep every day, you could start feeling cravings, which leads to making bad decisions regarding losing your weight. Do your best to get 7 or 8 hours of sleep, even at the weekends.


5. Turn to veggies

You need your minerals! Veggies are an excellent source of minerals, so eat them whenever you get the chance. Eat them if they are pre-cut or add them to your sandwiches and omelets. They are great in helping you get rid of the extra weight you got due to salty food.


6. Drink water

Even though it’s already been said you should turn to water and tea, it can’t be stressed enough just how much water is important for losing weight. If you allow yourself to be dehydrated most of the time, it will force your body to retain water, making you look bloated. If you drink enough water on daily basis, it will not only hydrate you but it will also stop you from eating a lot. Sometimes when we feel thirsty, our body makes us feel we are hungry, so we take more calories than we should instead of simply having a glass of water. If you exercise regularly, you need to drink even more water to be properly hydrated.


7. Frequent smaller meals

Don’t have only two or three meals a day. It means you will stuff yourself excessively. It’s better to have a smaller portion every three to four hours. That will also keep you from feeling famished and binging afterward. Make your every meal consist of fiber and protein and eat whole foods.

8. Stress less

Chronic stress can make you gain weight, especially if you binge when feeling sad, depressed or anxious. Make sure you have at least half an hour a day just for you – do what relaxes you: listen to music, read or meditate. Just try to lower stress level.


Final words

Losing weight days before the wedding is possible. A couple of tricks can make a difference, so that you really feel great when you wear your wedding dress.


Content written by Jasmine Anderson