Travel Light For Your Mini-Moon Break: 6 Tips For Your Packing

When it comes to packing for your honeymoon, it actually is possible to be over-prepared. Pack too much and an unwieldy bag will weigh you down. Take too little and you’ll end up regretting leaving something behind or buying what you didn’t bring. Which is why to avoid any sartorial faux pas – or worse, blisters, we’re sharing with you our packing tips so you can streamline the contents of your suitcase and limit yourself to a selection of versatile pieces. Whether you’re heading off to explore some ancient ruins in Greece, binge reading in the Cotswold or sipping martini’s on a Parisian rooftop, these items will tick off all eventualities.

1) Go Solid

Not being able to take liquids on a plane has made the women of Britain think long and hard about what is and what is not a luxury when it comes to beauty products. Our answer to the dreaded 100ml rule? Give solid toiletries a go. Not only do these solid toiletries not count toward the liquids limit, they also can’t open up and run all over your other toiletries. Bonus point. Head to Lush (where else) to pick up solid shampoos, conditioners and toothpaste. For perfumes, check out Diptyque’s range of premium solids.

2)Hands-free ease

If you’re flying short haul, It’s good to keep hand luggage to an absolute minimum and a small cross-body bag is ideal for day trips and market strolls once you’re at your destination. Petite arm-candy will also allow you to avoid the inevitable shoulder ache that ensues when you lug your whole life around all day. Literally forcing you to forego unnecessary items like disposable cameras, books, extra sunglasses and stick to the essentials.

3) Fully embrace athleisure

Comfort is always a priority when it comes to travelling. Jeans with some stretch mean you can contort yourself into snoozing positions on Easyjet without looking like a crumpled mess on arrival. Whilst the revival of workout leggings are a great shout when it comes to straddling fashion and comfort. Monreal London have a great selection of graphic tights that take up very little room in your bag, can be worn during the day, out at night, if you decide to go for a run (the intention is there) and even (if you’re being really space-thrifty) to bed.


4) Flat shoes you can rely on

A no brainer, right? Regardless of common sense, it’s always tempting to pack that shiny, new pair of shoes that will inevitably give you sore toes. Save yourself the emergency plaster run and stick to shoes you know are comfortable. Gucci have a great selection of embroidered trainers that will go with everything – looking just as good with wide-leg jumpsuits, cut-off jeans and slinky silk dresses.

5) The Little Details

Accessories take up far less space than another piece of knitwear or pair of shoes, but will give your basics extra oomph. Try adding a pair of trophy earrings to you look – these are a good option for both day and night. Or tie a silk neck scarf around your neck to pep up a white T-shirt. A brooch on your jacket lapel will be to similar effect.

6) Don’t Forget Your Greens

Indulge to your heart’s content while on vacation (because after all, you are on vacation), but don’t forget to eat — or drink — your greens. Counteract some of the glorious damage you’ll inevitably do to your system with a daily dose of goodness in the form of travel-sized vitamins, minerals, whole foods and fiber with The Super Elixir from WelleCo.


Content written by Grace Maguire