Wedding planning, not as we know it. As proven by countless wedding-themed rom-coms, and let’s face it, real life as well, the groom is known as the person on the sidelines when it comes to planning for the big day. The brides tend to call all the shots, starting from their dress to the caterer, venue, music, decoration and pretty much every single detail. However, as we slowly but surely enter the age or equality as well as the ‘groomzilla’ phenomenon, men have become increasingly interested in being more than the guy waiting for his lovely bride to come down the aisle and say his perfectly worded vows. Yes, there is certainly room for the groom’s input in the wedding, and we are here with no less than five ways that will get him off the bench and into the wedding planning game.

Put your best look forward

This is at least one part of the wedding planning which you should definitely handle on your own, or at least with the help of some fashion savvy friends. Once you and your bride-to-be have established where the wedding and the reception are to take place, as well as what the dress code and the overall theme of the wedding will be, it’s time for you to suit up properly. According to tradition, the bride isn’t supposed to be seen in her wedding dress before the big moment, so why not add a new tradition and keep your outfit hidden in a garment bag as well? There are tons of great options, from trendy checked, striped or grey suits to classic tuxedos. Your and your friends’ job is to make sure you pick the right one, accompanied by amazing accessories such as the shoes, a belt to match, as well as the little details that mean the world such as the perfect tie and pocket square. Wow your bride as much as she wows you.

Let the quest begin.

You may not know a great deal about flowers and décor, but you probably know food. We all have our likes and dislikes, and let’s not forget that friends and family from both sides will be attending the wedding and you are the person who probably knows what half of the guests would want to see on their plates. Therefore, it’s time to get involved and make sure you and your bride hit the best catering companies together. Discuss the menu, settle for nothing short of perfection, have tastings – the whole thing. After all, you’ll be hungry too, and your input on the food is as important as your bride’s.

The seating chart

As said before, half of the guests are probably yours. Therefore, you are the person who most likely has the skinny on who in your family is on better terms with one another than anyone else. Sitting the wrong people at the same table can result in a silent disaster, so with the help of your nuclear family, make sure you get your part of the seating chart in order. Of course, there are always friend groups who are closer than others and you don’t want to separate them. Your input in the seating chart is invaluable, so make it your business to work closely with your bride in order to create the picture-perfect one. In addition to that, make sure you represent the perfect buffer. Things can get tense when two people plan a wedding, because, as we all know, the mothers and fathers usually want their opinion taken into consideration as well. In order to avoid any clashing between your future bride and, for instance, your mom, make sure you let your family know that this is your and your fiancée’s day. A lot of tact is involved as this can be a very tricky issue to maneuver, but with a little tact and a firm hand, you’ll be able to both defend your fiancée’s tastes while leaving the mother and daughter-in-law relationship intact.

Love me tender, love me sweet

The first dance is very important, believe it or not. It’s the first of many dances you’ll dance as husband and wife, and as probably there will be tons of people, not to mention photographers and video footage of your wedding that will last till the end of time, you might want to do it right. Some people are born great dancers, others with two left feet. However, you owe it to yourself and your bride to make this special moment monumental, so consider taking dance lessons with your bride and ensure practice makes it perfect.

The good times after

No offense to brides, they have mad organizational skill, but when it comes to the honeymoon, it might be a good idea to let the man take the wheel. Men are generally more spontaneous, know more about adventure, road trips and have mad negotiating, researching and booking skills, so this might be the perfect opportunity for the bride to show her guy that she trusts his taste, give up some control and let him prove to her that he can choose the dream honeymoon destination. After all, Google is always here with not only the perfect romantic getaway ideas, but also the best hotels, places to see and things to do, so with some googling skills, the man will definitely be able to knock this task out of the park.


Peter is a wedding writer for Pridezillas magazine. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.