Your wedding is one of the most important events of your lifetime, and thus, are super complex and time consuming to plan. From choosing the cutlery to organizing the seating arrangements, your to-do list is lengthy.

On top of all the things you need to think about, you also want to make sure your guests have a fun and memorable time at your special event.

If you’re holding a wedding that requires travel from some of your guests, you might be wondering how you can show your gratitude for the attendees’ willingness to come such a long way. Standards for weddings are changing all the time, so how can you keep up?

When you’re planning an event as complicated as a wedding, it can be difficult to let your out-of-towners know how much you care about them. Your efforts can go a long way in making the traveling guests at your wedding feel welcome.

So let’s take a look at all the ways that you can show them your appreciation for being with you on your special day, and make their wedding experience one to remember.

Upgrade your events

Having the right events leading up to your wedding day is key to making sure everyone has fun as they celebrate with you. . Out of town guests, especially, will enjoy events held in their honor or, at the very least gifts made with them in mind.

Here are a couple of helpful ways that you can change up the events at your wedding.

  • Offer gift packages for bachelor and bachelorette parties. While you may not want to have gift bags at the reception, you can give gifts to your guests at other smaller events leading up to the big day. For instance, creating custom t-shirts for your bachelorette or bachelor party can give your guests something to remember.
  • Plan a welcome party. Throwing a welcome party once all your out of town guests have arrived is not only a great way to kick off your wedding festivities, it shows that you understand what an effort your guests are making to attend your wedding. Having a party for them, where you can give them welcome gifts and spend more time with them, shows that you value their presence and gets everyone excited for the ceremony to come.

With this advice in mind, you should have no problem spicing up your event-planning for your wedding. Whether it’s the welcome party or the bachelorrette party, you can always take a second look at your event’s quality and thoughtfulness.

Optimize your guest and event management

Smooth operations can make all the difference when you’re looking for ways to show your guests you care. When it comes to traveling guests, you’ll want to put special attention into these details.

Whether you use a wedding app to artfully take care of your invitation process, or event management software to help with check-in, there are multiple solutions to handling out of town guests that can make the process easier on everyone.

There are a few ways to improve your wedding’s planning and management process. For example, you can:

  • Keep a separate guest list for out of town guests. Having a well-organized guest list with separate categories for various categoriesof attendees can be extremely helpful. It can address the different transportation and hospitality needs of each group and can be very effective when organizing traveling guests. Share this list with your hotel and any other important organizers to make sure everyone’s on the same page.
  • Use an event management software. All kinds of events can use management software to address their needs. But weddings can particularly benefit from some platforms’ abilities to organize invitations and coordinate the many moving parts of your wedding weekend. Top event management software can provide you and your planner with a platform that gives you an efficient way to take care of all the logistics of making your wedding goes smoothly.
  • Have your guests use a wedding app. You can use wedding apps to manage invitations quickly and simply, or you can even have apps that allow guests to post pictures and save them, making your search for great pictures that much easier. Guests love having software that can make their experience simpler or more enjoyable, and you’ll love having the planning process made easier, too.

Having well-coordinated guest and event management helps the staff, your guests, and your planner. By following these tips, you can make sure that all the organizational tasks involved in planning your wedding will go off without a hitch.

Coordinate with your hotel

The hotel staff is there to ensure that your wedding plans are going well at all times. They’ll be happy to accommodate any special service you want to give your out-of-town guests.

There are so many details you need to keep track of when it comes to traveling guests. If you’re holding a welcome party with gifts, you need to ensure that everyone gets the right gift and that your wedding party’s budget is followed.

Do you need help with cooperating with the hotel staff for your wedding? Look at these tips to make sure your wedding weekend runs smoothly.

  • Work with the staff. Make sure the hotel staff know what you need clearly and directly. If particular guests need special accommodations, whether it’s regarding travel or room arrangements, having a clear pipeline to communicate these needs to hotel staff can come in handy. Give them the guest list of everyone staying at the hotel for your event, with any notations about who will get welcome bags, check out early, need handicap assistance, etc. Offer special services for your guests. Making wake up calls, turn down services, and room service available to your guests can help compensate for travel and any other inconveniences they might encounter. Nothing says luxury like special hotel services, so use this to your advantage to keep your travelling guests satisfied.
  • Provide information cards and gifts. Coordinate with hotel staff to provide information cards to your guest with itineraries and event times to help them not miss anything. You can also include the schedule in welcome gift bags. Welcome bags can include water and snacks, and items like mint chocolates or a custom shirts to celebrate your weekend.

Communicate with Hotel staff, and keep things organized to improve your guests’ experience.

Personalize their experience

Using a more personalized approach, you can show gratitude to all the guests in your party who have gone out of their way to make it to your wedding.

For example, if you’re planning a winter wedding, hold events that take advantage of the season while also keeping your guests in mind.

Here are some unique ways to personalize the experience for your guests: :

    • Write personalized thank-you and welcome notes. Adding finishing touches such as customized notes written to each guest can give your wedding the final touch it needs. Welcome or thank-you cards addressed to individual guests can help you show your thankfulness for them coming all this way.
    • Create custom apparel to give to your wedding guests at a welcome party. Pick from a selection of quality apparel options provided by online sellers like Bonfire. And keep the season and mood of your wedding in mind. If you’re getting married in the Fall in the mountains, you may choose a sweatshirt to help your guests stay warm on their weekend away.Consider dietary selections. Show your travelling guests that you care by asking for their dietary preferences ahead of time. Out of town guests have no alternatives to the food you offer, so it’s important to be careful in understanding what they can and can’t eat.

There are many creative ways to improve your out of town guests’ experience at your wedding. Whether it’s a logistical improvement or a personalised note, tiny steps can make all the difference.

So don’t let a single person at your wedding feel out of place. Take advantage of these great ideas to show your thankfulness for each of your wedding guests and ensure everyone feels at home.

Content written by Kevin Penney is the CMO and co-founder of, a company that’s reinventing how people create, sell and purchase custom apparel. He loves solving difficult problems, working with the Bonfire Product team, and hockey. He has over 10 years experience in digital media, design, and technology.