Along with your dress, how you wear your hair is going to be a huge part of your overall bridal look. That means the pressure is on – especially if your hair isn’t known for its good behaviour. But with a bit of organisation, you really can get exactly what you want. So read on for our top 10 pre-wedding hair tips, from rehearsal cuts to hair treatments for damaged hair. The planning starts here!

10 Pre-Wedding Hair Tips Every Bride Should Know

1. Stick to your plan: Once you’ve made a plan and set the wheels in motion, stick to it as best you can. Avoid last-minute impulse accessory purchases, alterations in style, or colour changes, as they will only add to the stress.

2. Care for your hair early on: About six months before your wedding day, start paying close attention to your haircare regime. Use a deep conditioner, get rid of split ends, and try out some quality hair treatments for damaged hair (find out more here). All this can help you nourish your locks back to life – just in time for the big day.

3. Sort your stylist early: You might already know one, but if not, recommendations from friends are always your second-best bet. Meet with your potential stylists to talk things through, and spend time finding someone you’re really comfortable with.

4. Trust your stylist: Now that you’ve found them, you need to trust them. Tell your hairdresser what you want, like, and need, but don’t tell them how to do their job. Let them do what they do best, and you’ll end up with the best results. Also, take the time to research images of bridal looks that inspire you, so that you can make their job easier.

5. Have a rehearsal cut: Go for a run-through at least three months before the wedding. That way, you’ll get to see what your hair will look like on the big day, and still have plenty of time to make alterations if need be.

10 Pre-Wedding Hair Tips Every Bride Should Know

6. Take a trusted friend: They don’t need to be there at every appointment, but having someone who’s prepared to be honest about what works and what doesn’t in the room is extremely helpful. The chief bridesmaid should be able to help you with this.

7. Make regular visits: Part of keeping your hair in tip-top condition is having regular trims. Be guided by your stylist on this one; they’ll be able to tell you how often to come in.

8. Carefully select accessories: Just because it looks great in a picture, doesn’t mean it’ll work with your hair or the style you’ve chosen. Take any accessories you’ve bought to your stylist to decide what does go well.

9. Colour changes: If you’re going for a colour change, do it early on. Don’t leave it until the last minute – making a dramatic switch in the last couple of weeks could spell trouble.

10. Enjoy the process: This is your time to play around and find your dream hairdo. The more you enjoy it, the more relaxed everyone will be. That way, you’re far more likely to get a bridal look you love!

10 Pre-Wedding Hair Tips Every Bride Should Know

Every bride wants perfect wedding hair, and now that you’ve got these 10 great pre-wedding hair tips on hand, you can easily achieve your ideal ‘do. Make a plan, work with your stylist, and leave plenty of time to make changes. Do all of the above, and you will love the way your wedding hair looks and feels.

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